Mrs. Misty Ferrell

6th Grade Math

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Welcome to 6th grade!

Looking forward to a great year!

Proud to be a Patriot!  

Stella loves to take naps.  If she naps for 4.75 hours a day.  How many hours will she nap over a 6 day period?

Welcome to Mrs. Ferrell’s 6th grade Math class at Lewisburg Middle School.  I hope you are looking forward to an exciting, challenging, and successful school year.  Your teachers and I are here to help you develop responsibility, independence, and organization in addition to mastering the required academic standards for 6th grade Math in Desoto County.  

My classroom is a place for creativity, energetic group work, and obviously learning.  In order for the daily lessons to run efficiently, there must be classroom rules and procedures set in place.  

Rules must be followed by everyone at all time.  Please take time to review our classroom rules, conduct, and procedures so that we can all work together to make your 6th grade experience the best it can possibly be. 

Classroom Expectations

The expectations I have established in my classroom are needed to insure that unwanted behaviors and activities are avoided and that everyone has a pleasant, friendly, and safe place to learn and grow academically.  My classroom expectations are as follows:

1.        Be on Time

2.        Be prepared

3.        Be respectful ….to others, to yourself, and to your school

Classroom Conduct

Good behavior will not go unnoticed.  Students will earn satisfactory marks for conduct.  They may also receive candy, special classroom privileges, and/or homework passes. 


About the Teacher


I graduated from the University of Memphis in 2001, and I am currently working on my Master's degree from Belhaven University.


I have worked in many areas of the education field here in the Lewisburg area.  In 2012, I began working as a substitute teacher for Desoto County Schools, then in 2013, I became a Teacher Assistant at Lewisburg Primary School, But I left there to take care of a sick family member and returned to subbing in 2014.  Then, I went back to a Teacher Assistant position in 2015 where I soon transitioned over to a receptionist position at LES that same year.  In 2016, I began my new adventure at LMS as a science teacher and currently I am a 6th grade math teacher.