Coach Michael Evans

6th Grade Science

Football Coach & Track


Welcome to our Class:

  • My class usually requires a student to pay a $10 lab fee.  I love to demonstrate and apply as many lab based learning experiences as possible in class to introduce topics and incorporate a hands on approach learning strategy.
  • I teach periods 1 through 6 every day.  I coach/teach football during 7th and 8th period and I drive a bus after school.  I do not technically have a planning period I will try and respond to any messages that I might receive as soon as I can.
  • Supplies for my class are very simple:  Paper, Pencils, and a Three Ring Binder.
  • Extra Class Supplies:  Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, and Paper Towels.
  • Lab Fee:  $10  (I give a FREE 100 lab grade if the student brings their lab fee in)
  • Device fee: $25 for the year  (This is for their lap top rental)
  • I coach both 7th and 8th grade football teams during the Fall and Track and Field during the Spring.


I'm On A Boat

Subjects Taught:
6th Grade Science

High School:  Olive Branch High School (2002)

College (Bachelors):  Mississippi State University (2007)

College (Masters):  Arkansas State University (2018)

I am graduate of Mississippi State University and received a bachelors degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Fitness Management.  I was blessed with an opportunity to not only receive an education from the states FINEST University but also was blessed to live a life long dream of playing football for the Bulldogs.  I received my masters degree in Sports Administration from Arkansas State in 2018.  I have coached and taught at three schools within the Olive Branch city limits.  I started my teaching profession at Lewisburg Middle/High School in 2007.  I then made a move to Center Hill High School.  I returned to my alma mater, Olive Branch High School, in 2014.  I have had many blessings since my return to Olive Branch High School including:  6a Track and Field State Championship (2015),  6a Mississippi Boys Coach of The Year (2015),  Olive Branch High School Teacher of The Year (2015), Two amazing children, and also receiving my Masters Degree in 2018.  I am currently teaching at Lewisburg Middle School where both of my kids attend school and my other half (wife) teaches 7th grade Math.  It is good to be back where it all started!



Bill Nye - Atoms and Molecules

Bill Nye - States of Matter

Lab Safety