Craig Casey

Athletic Director/Head Football /P.E.



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7th and 8th Football - Offensive week

Monday-warm up 3 min run Do our stretches.
High knees, Butt kicks, high touch-low touch, half skips-power skips, high knee lunge and rocker stretch, backwards runs, lean and sprint, high knee caraoka.Backpedal and sprint open right and left  
Each agility for at least 10 yards. Down and back. Get reps.

QB’s-warm up routine-at least 10 min.

Work footwork after 3 & 5 step  drop. Right left forward back. ALWAYS move back foot first. Ready to throw..10  min .

if possible work on throwing on the move. Booting out both ways and sprinting out both ways. Get shoulders square chase the throw. 15 throws for each.  

RB- 2 & 3 point stance and starts in all directions. 10 each.

work on switching ball  while cutting.  Remember always slide empty arm under ball while swapping hands..going left ball in left arm ,going right ball in right arm. Fingers over the point . Drop hips while cutting. Keep ball high and tight. 15-20 min.

WR- Stance and starts. 20 -25. Run routes. 10 each. Hitch,slant.speed out,seam,wheel,post,corner.find a pole and catch ball. High low right left.

OL- stance and starts. 10 right step and up. 10 left and up. 10 trap pulls right. 10 trap pulls left. 10 skip pulls right 10 skip pulls left. 10 pass sets right 10 pass sets left.

Tuesday - same warm up 

20 decline push ups(put feet in chair or on bench) 20 tricep dips. 30 russian twists. 30 lunge jumps. 30 squat jumps .Bar jumps 30. 20 med ball push ups. 30 burpees. 3X all exercises.

Wednesday-  same as Monday.

Thursday- same as Tuesday.

Friday- warm up same. Fitness day.
5 min walk. 5 min jog 3 min walk 3 min jog 1 min walk 1min jog 30 sec all you got left. 

About Me


Horn Lake High School Graduated 1990.

B.S. Health and Physical Education-Delta State University 1994


25 years of teaching and coaching football, track, baseball, and basketball.  

I grew up in Horn Lake and graduated from Horn Lake High School.  I married the former Heather Jones of Southaven and we have three children Caty 23, Carter 21, and Cade 12.  



May 11-15

Couch 2 5k

Every day is different workout this week

Should be done on 

Monday ,Wednesday,Friday.